Winner winner chicken dinner

It’s a Market night

First stop – Gotham West Market. If you haven’t been and your around the area and you love food, you must go check it out! I don’t want to call it a food court because when I think of food court I think of fast food places in the mall. Right? I want to say its a big open place with different venues and food to choose from with well known chefs involved! I mean with the team behind Saxon + Parole (mmm we have to chat about this another time too), I would not call it a food court. This place is great for lunch, snack, or dinner.

Signs pointing to the different venues.

Gotham 7

I decided to get a chicken salad and mmm it was so yummy. I mean one of the best ever. It had romaine, kale, spinach, radishes, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, crispy shallots and avocado. I think the crispy shallots did it, way to go guys!

This Is Your House Salad from Genuine Roadside

Gotham  (1)

I know you peepep the tacos up there. They were not for me, but I did have a few bites anddd readyyy… KA – BOOOM, it was a fiesta in my mouth. It was O-M-G good. Oh I want one now. The tacos were filled with raw marinated ahi, spicy mayo, border slaw, avocado and sesame in crispy corn shells. They were the shitsnit (one of my made-up-excited-vocab words)!

Hawaiian Style Ahi Tartare Tacos from Genuine Roadside

Gotham  (4)

I sampled the corn on the cob also, it was good but not a ka – boom.

Corn On The Cob ‘Elote‘ from Choza Taqueria

However, the sandwich you see down there… ahhh WoW it was sooo freaking good. Again, it was not for me, hehe but I sampled it. Talk about an Italian combo, these dudes got it right. The sandwich was filled with mortadella, salami, hot coppa, swiss, mozzarella, pecoring romano, arugula, red onion, mayo, ‘CSG’ hoagie spread, and red wine vinaigrette on caputo’s hero roll. Phew, hope I got it all. It is some serious Italian.

Italian Combo Sandwich from Court Street Grocers Sandwich Shop

Gotham  (2)

Gotham  (3)

Hats off to the chefs! Now that I want to eat my laptop, I thought these were some cool props.

Gotham 6

Great quote.

Gotham 8

Next stop… Spice Market. Its a great place for some drinks and dinner. I love the food at Spice Market (I know I keep saying this but we have to chat about this place too – ahhh so many places), but we just ate at Gotham so we got their Passion Fruit Sangria. The sangria is made with rose wine, gran gala, blackberry, and orange. Mmm, it was refreshing and delish. I know I have said that I am not a fan of passion fruit anything in a previous post, but hmm… I have been a long time fan of their passion fruit sangria… I might have to reconsider… thanks Mr.Vongerichten.

Spice Market 4

Where did U go last night?

Gotham West Market

in Hell’s Kitchen

Spice Market

in Meatpacking District