Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop

How can we not go back to Gotham West Market?! It was a mouth party the last time we ate at Gotham (party over here). So we agreed that the next time we go to Gotham we would try some ramen.

We were excited to try ramen from Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop. My boyfriend and I are huge fans of ramen, we love it and thought it would be a nice quick dinner before the Yuna concert!


On the bright side, these were cool. The Art of the Slurp was displayed across the ramen bar.

Art of Slurp 1

Ha, number five is my favorite. But, is anyone doing the art of slurp with salty ramen?

photo 5

Where did U go last night?

Gotham West Market

600 11th Ave

New York, NY10036

(212) 582-7940

in Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West