Winner winner chicken dinner

It’s a Market night

First stop – Gotham West Market. If you haven’t been and your around the area and you love food, you must go check it out! I don’t want to call it a food court because when I think of food court I think of fast food places in the mall. Right? I want to say its a big open place with different venues and food to choose from with well known chefs involved! I mean with the team behind Saxon + Parole (mmm we have to chat about this another time too), I would not call it a food court. This place is great for lunch, snack, or dinner.

Signs pointing to the different venues.

Gotham 7

I decided to get a chicken salad and mmm it was so yummy. I mean one of the best ever. It had romaine, kale, spinach, radishes, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, crispy shallots and avocado. I think the crispy shallots did it, way to go guys!

This Is Your House Salad from Genuine Roadside

Gotham  (1)

I know you peepep the tacos up there. They were not for me, but I did have a few bites anddd readyyy… KA – BOOOM, it was a fiesta in my mouth. It was O-M-G good. Oh I want one now. The tacos were filled with raw marinated ahi, spicy mayo, border slaw, avocado and sesame in crispy corn shells. They were the shitsnit (one of my made-up-excited-vocab words)!

Hawaiian Style Ahi Tartare Tacos from Genuine Roadside

Gotham  (4)

I sampled the corn on the cob also, it was good but not a ka – boom.

Corn On The Cob ‘Elote‘ from Choza Taqueria

However, the sandwich you see down there… ahhh WoW it was sooo freaking good. Again, it was not for me, hehe but I sampled it. Talk about an Italian combo, these dudes got it right. The sandwich was filled with mortadella, salami, hot coppa, swiss, mozzarella, pecoring romano, arugula, red onion, mayo, ‘CSG’ hoagie spread, and red wine vinaigrette on caputo’s hero roll. Phew, hope I got it all. It is some serious Italian.

Italian Combo Sandwich from Court Street Grocers Sandwich Shop

Gotham  (2)

Gotham  (3)

Hats off to the chefs! Now that I want to eat my laptop, I thought these were some cool props.

Gotham 6

Great quote.

Gotham 8

Next stop… Spice Market. Its a great place for some drinks and dinner. I love the food at Spice Market (I know I keep saying this but we have to chat about this place too – ahhh so many places), but we just ate at Gotham so we got their Passion Fruit Sangria. The sangria is made with rose wine, gran gala, blackberry, and orange. Mmm, it was refreshing and delish. I know I have said that I am not a fan of passion fruit anything in a previous post, but hmm… I have been a long time fan of their passion fruit sangria… I might have to reconsider… thanks Mr.Vongerichten.

Spice Market 4

Where did U go last night?

Gotham West Market

in Hell’s Kitchen

Spice Market

in Meatpacking District

Winner winner chicken dinner

Green Rancho !

It a dilemma every night.

Manhattan blocks offers so many different types of restaurants and cuisines. On this island in a one block radius the kitchen staff may outnumber any small US town population. Yes, it’s overwhelming.

What do you want to eat? Where do you want to eat? My boyfriend and I go through this every night. So we walked down 9th Avenue. As always though we don’t walk down 9th Avenue for too long, my boyfriend gets uncomfortable (if you know what I mean). So it was between sushi and Mexican. Since we were hungry and most importantly I wanted margaritas, any sushi place wouldn’t stand a chance. Instead of trying a new place which we always end up disappointed when we are in the state of hunger – we went with a familiar place. Green Rancho here we go!

Green Rancho is a nice little place in the midst of the chaotic Hell’s Kitchen. As you enter you are greeted by a nice little lady outside handing out flyers. No need for the flyers and yapping about the specials lady, this is our destination.


The restaurant was nicely dimmed for dinner time, but not too dark where you can’t read the menu. Ah, the smell of fresh warm Mexican tortilla chips. Right, so the crowd was pretty mixed, couples, families and tourists. They have a few TVs around the restaurant (for the guys who love their sports).

I have been craving for a good margarita for like two weeks now! I usually like to order the good ol’ original lime margarita with a spicy rim (red crushed peppers and salt, yum). But, last night they had a special margarita – strawberry jalapeno on the rocks and yes I got it with a spicy rim! It was absolutely refreshing, you can taste the strawberry and it was definitely spicy. I could have done without the spicy rim, but I did it anyway for all three drinks! Ah, got my margarita fix. Their margarita is the real deal people, probably one of the best in Hells’ Kitchen or even Midtown West (hmmm).


My boyfriend ordered the passion fruit frozen margarita. I am not a fan of passion fruit anything! I do not like frozen margaritas either – like where is the liquor?! But, of course I had to try it. Not a bad choice for the folks who prefers frozen margaritas. Although one might be enough as it becomes very sweet at the end.

We started with guacamole and chips. If you like hearty, chunky, fresh guacamole – this is the place! Unlike many guacamole, at Green Rancho you can see chunks of guacamole in the molcajete. There were some onions, cilantro (you can taste and see it) and a heap of chopped tomatoes on top. It just all melts in your mouth mmm. We devoured it.


We decided to share an entrée, we ordered garlic shrimp. It came with rice and half an avocado on top. Typical of a Mexican place, the plate was huge. A serving with two portions enough for two people. The sauce had a bit of a citrus kick to it, but it was a good compliment to all slices of garlic that were loaded in there. Maybe it was all the kick ass margaritas but I said aloud, “ah nice they even have almond slices in here, ok.” As I kept eating I realized that it did not have the crunchy almond texture OR taste like almonds, IT WAS GARLIC! I mean I like garlic but I felt like Pepé Le Pew fuming out garlic to my fellow diners as I sat there… well at least I got my margaritas.


The best thing about Green Rancho are their tacos. I’ve had plenty of tacos around the city, but these were de-lish! We got carnitas and steak tacos. The meat in the tacos were bit size friendly, flavorful, and there was a bit of a crunch to it. Get them with flour tortilla. Sorry, you can’t really see the tacos in the picture. I guess I was super excited about the Pepé Le Pew shrimp dish.

As always the staff were friendly, the service was great and the good food came out in no time!

In honor of the late Joan Rivers, “Is Elizabeth Taylor fat? Her favorite food is seconds.”

Where did U go last night?

Green Rancho

741 9th Ave
New York, NY 10019
212 – 956 – 0731
in Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West, Theater District