AOA Bar & Grill

Monday Night Football! Whooo, not! Ha so I tagged along to “watch” football at AOA Bar & Grill in Tribeca. I am not a sports fanatic, but I have probably been to more sports bar in the NYC area than most sports fanatics. For some reason AOA is not the type of place I think of when I hear the words sports bar.

Here’s a picture… do you know what I mean?

AOA 16

Yes, it is a spacious restaurant with high ceilings and you definitely don’t feel crowded by anyone at all. There are a good amount of TVs in the restaurant but I think they are all a bit too far to see anything. Well good thing I wasn’t there to watch the game huh. Unless you sat by the bar where I was (hey being close to all of that liquor – I didn’t mind) it was a perfect seat to watch whatever your sports heart desires. I should’ve taken pictures with the two TV screens there but hey doesn’t the bar looks cool with all that liquor (and that design and lights).

AOA 11

Speaking of the bar, I thought it was pretty neat that the bar ran from the entrance of the restaurant to the end of the restaurant on the left side of the room (you can see it a bit in the first picture). As for crowd, it seemed like folks from around the neighborhood. I’d say expect a more mature and business crowd than most sports bar (not too many screaming patrons). In fact it was pretty quiet, expect from my corner of the bar.

I ate dinner before the game because I didn’t want to eat game snacks (believe it or not but I am a conscious eater – I swear). They boys ordered guacamole and wings. I had to sample each of course so I could blog about it! Kind of wished the boys ordered more food so I could have sample more dishes.

The guacamole was too citrus-y, mushy, and cumin-y. I am a guacamole lover, so yes I am a bit picky when it comes to guac. I love colors so the chips looked fun, however the taste was not. It tasted a bit stale to me.

AOA (2)

Ah right and for those of you who are into this whole cider beer madness, they have Angry Orchid.

I sampled the Korean BBQ chicken wings. MMM! They were good, crispy and BBQ-y anddd we didn’t have to tell them to make it extra crispy. Its finger lickin’ good (sorry KFC).


Goose and soda (seee conscious) and water – gotta keep hydrated.

AOA 14

Ahhh, so that’s what AOA stands for? Not that I was wondering – just thought it was weird A-O-A.

Where did U go last night?

AOA Bar & Grill

35 Ave of the Americas
New York, NY 10013

212 – 925 – 1600

In Tribeca


Shanghai Heping

We stumbled upon Shanghai Heping while walking aimlessly in Chinatown after visiting Central Perk, wooo FRIENDS! Well actually the boyfriend and I both drank a lot of water and needed a baño ASAP so we were looking for a Starbucks. Of course it was no where to be found. It was time to chow down anyway so we just went in the first place we thought we would both like. Never again!

First the “hot and sour soup” was neither hot or sour it was just a bowl of oil and blah.


Don’t you just want to jump in the screen and eat this!? Well, don’t!

I didn’t order this dish, but I tried it and it wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t anything special either. My boyfriend liked it, eh he’s not Asian what does he know (I love you).



I looked at the menu and wasn’t in the mood for anything at all but the beef stew with rice noodles was like pick me, so I did. Ugh, it was out of character as I never go out and order beef stew with rice noodles or beef anything (ok occasionally). I was so disappointed! I mean it looked good and the first bite of the beef was full of flavor, but the broth was boring. It was a drab finishing the meal. I grew up eating these where the broth is rich and bursting with flavors…mmm now I want a bowl of good ol’ homemade beef stew.


I was in the mood for a taro bubble tea. Ugh, another disappointment. I was drinking sugar and tapioca pearls. I took a few sips and no more bubble tea for me.


The place was spacious for a Chinatown restaurant and the service – I swear all the waitstaff were sleep walking.

Sorry Shanghai Heping overall grade, fail. I looked up the restaurant to link it to my blog and to my surprise there are some great reviews out there about Shanghai Heping. As I’m writing this I’m thinking maybe the other dishes are good or maybe the chef had a bad day. Sorry first impressions are everything right? You’re better off with your shit local Chinese food places.

Where did U go last night?

Shanghai Heping

104 Mott St

New York, New York 10013

212 – 925 – 1118

Between Canal & Hester St in Chinatown/Little Italy


San Gennaro Festival

I am late, but I finally ventured to Little Italy to check out the San Gennaro Festival. It goes on for 11 days with raging food galore and tons and tons anddd tons of people (like NYC wasn’t packed enough).

There were lots going on with parades, musical entertainment, food, restaurants, cafes and a cannoli-eating competition. There was a Ferris wheel there too which I wanted a picture of it but figured I get it later. Later came and I couldn’t find the Ferris wheel. I swore there was one by Lafayette St and… ah!

San Gennaro

San Gennaro 2

Big, giant stuffed animal anyone?

San Gennaro 3

 Yummm, sausages! I really want to eat one of these someday.

San Gennaro 4

And these.

San Gennaro 7

San Gennaro 5

Maybe next year.

Where did U go last night?

San Gennaro Festival

Mulberry St in Little Italy


A dance & shhh… a bar

After dinner (check out my previous post Ageha Sushi) we took a walk around the neighborhood and stumbled upon… a square dance in Bryant Park? Who knew there was some country in the City.

Sq Dance (3)

Sq Dance (2)

Sq Dance (1)

Bryant Park

Next Stop

Imagine going out in the “Roaring Twenties”, oh what fun it must be to get all dolled up then sneak around for a drink! According to their website, The Back Room Bar is one of the speakeasies in New York City that operated during the Prohibition era. The place is hidden, of course, so it was confusing as to where to enter. But the bouncers saved the day. I thought it was odd that these guys were standing there but then one guy asked in a deep-confident-voice, “the Back Room?”. Ah, yes. So as we entered we were greeted by an unfriendly and creepy guy in the alleyway asking us to be quiet. Hmmm, ok. So we continued on quietly. Bam! When I opened the door to the bar, boy was it loud.

We decided to go with the signature drinks. Sorry I forgot their fancy names, but one with honey, OJ, vodka, and yeah. It was a refreshing drink. The other drink was Jack with I want to say honey again because BOY it was sweet! After a few sips it tasted like cough syrup, Lil Wayne would be a fan. I also think it made me sick the next day. As you can see the drinks were served in tea cups and beers bottles were served in brown paper bags. Hot socks!

The Back Room 1

I was complaining about the Lychee Martini during dinner not being strong, well ou weee here it goes in tea cups.

Ah right, the sunny one down there is called the Bee’s Knees.

Apparently, Bee’s Knee means the best and it was a popular phrase in the 20’s.

The Back Room 2

It was a bit crowded, loud, dark, and a mixed of interesting crowd. The place was small, the decor was a 1920’s vintage look, and there were tables and couch seats. The comfy looking couch seats were all taken so we stood near the DJ booth.

It was a little odd to stand there and hang with tea cups (with liquor) in hand. But, hey it was kind of cat’s pajamas.

Where did U go last night?

The Back Room Bar

102 Norfolk St

New York, New York 10002

212 – 228 – 5098

Between Delancey St & Rivington St in Lower East Side

Winner winner chicken dinner

Ageha Sushi

Bento box? Its me new obsession! Ageha Sushi is the second place I have been to (that I actually looked at their bento box specials) that offers a bento box with soup, salad, rice, something fried (spring roll/ tempura), a sushi roll with six pieces, and an entrée. All of that for $20, I don’t know about you but that’s a steal!

Before we talk about food let’s talk about the menu. I wanted to eat it! If your a first timer there and is a visual sucker like me then it will take you a few minutes to get through the menu. It was like reading Erik Carle’s, The Very Hungry Caterpillar but the food will actually come out (if you order it)!

Pizza sushi?! They called it the Yummy Pizza.

Ageha 7

Is it just me or the Sweet Heart Rolllooks like some sort of meat wrap?

Ageha 4

Eat the art.

Ageha 6

Ageha 3

They also had stir-fry dishes anddd

Ageha 8

here goes the Bento page 🙂

Ageha 5

Ha, OK I was too excited about the menu, but you see why!


 The sushi, sashimi, and shrimp teriyaki were good. The fish was fresh and excellent.Yellowtail Sashimi was the Shitnitz.  Spring roll, if you even want to call it that – there was nothing in there! The sauce that I assumed that was for the “spring rolls” I want to say… was ketchup? I am a fan of seaweed salad, I am happy to say it was a good one. Overall Bento box – thumbs up.

Ageha 13

Miso soup, nice. It didn’t have that fishy, salty taste and came with a good amount of tofu and seaweed.

Ageha 10

If there is a Lychee Martini on the menu chances are you will find me with one. The martini was not too sweet with equal parts of liquor and whatever else they used. The lychee fruits were fresh, delicious, sweet, and juicy, but wished the drink was a little stronger.

Ageha 2

Service, Ambiance, & Decor

Hellrooo, hand towel? The service was like any ol’ Asian restaurants in the city. If you have been to any Thai, Korean, or Japanese restaurants in the city you know what I mean (not places like TAO or Morimoto of course – ah they are both such good places). The staff were attentive and the dishes came out quickly.

The lighting was just right, a little dimmed. Not a fancy place, but its appealing. The prices are decent and brings in a mixed crowd from the neighborhood (Hell’s Kitchen).

At the end you get a little treat.

Sorry I eat half of it before I took the picture.

Ageha 14

Where did U go last night?

 Ageha Sushi

767 9th Avenue

New York, New York 10019

212 – 581 – 8188

between 51st St & 52nd St in Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West, Theater District


The Liberty NYC

It’s Oyster Week in NYC! What better way than to start the week off with some fresh oysters. They are tasty, nutritious (if you eat them raw), and they are green!

I was expecting more restaurants to participate in Oyster Week (which is actually September 11 to September 28) but to my surprise there weren’t too many options. Most of the restaurant on the list are great for seafood like Blue Water Grill, Oceana, and Lure Fishbar, but I have been there already (we’ll have to talk about all these next time).

The Liberty NYC it is.


They had a featured dish for Oyster Week that caught my eye. Stoli Bloody Mary Oyster Shooter.

Winner winner chicken dinner

Green Rancho !

It a dilemma every night.

Manhattan blocks offers so many different types of restaurants and cuisines. On this island in a one block radius the kitchen staff may outnumber any small US town population. Yes, it’s overwhelming.

What do you want to eat? Where do you want to eat? My boyfriend and I go through this every night. So we walked down 9th Avenue. As always though we don’t walk down 9th Avenue for too long, my boyfriend gets uncomfortable (if you know what I mean). So it was between sushi and Mexican. Since we were hungry and most importantly I wanted margaritas, any sushi place wouldn’t stand a chance. Instead of trying a new place which we always end up disappointed when we are in the state of hunger – we went with a familiar place. Green Rancho here we go!

Green Rancho is a nice little place in the midst of the chaotic Hell’s Kitchen. As you enter you are greeted by a nice little lady outside handing out flyers. No need for the flyers and yapping about the specials lady, this is our destination.


The restaurant was nicely dimmed for dinner time, but not too dark where you can’t read the menu. Ah, the smell of fresh warm Mexican tortilla chips. Right, so the crowd was pretty mixed, couples, families and tourists. They have a few TVs around the restaurant (for the guys who love their sports).

I have been craving for a good margarita for like two weeks now! I usually like to order the good ol’ original lime margarita with a spicy rim (red crushed peppers and salt, yum). But, last night they had a special margarita – strawberry jalapeno on the rocks and yes I got it with a spicy rim! It was absolutely refreshing, you can taste the strawberry and it was definitely spicy. I could have done without the spicy rim, but I did it anyway for all three drinks! Ah, got my margarita fix. Their margarita is the real deal people, probably one of the best in Hells’ Kitchen or even Midtown West (hmmm).


My boyfriend ordered the passion fruit frozen margarita. I am not a fan of passion fruit anything! I do not like frozen margaritas either – like where is the liquor?! But, of course I had to try it. Not a bad choice for the folks who prefers frozen margaritas. Although one might be enough as it becomes very sweet at the end.

We started with guacamole and chips. If you like hearty, chunky, fresh guacamole – this is the place! Unlike many guacamole, at Green Rancho you can see chunks of guacamole in the molcajete. There were some onions, cilantro (you can taste and see it) and a heap of chopped tomatoes on top. It just all melts in your mouth mmm. We devoured it.


We decided to share an entrée, we ordered garlic shrimp. It came with rice and half an avocado on top. Typical of a Mexican place, the plate was huge. A serving with two portions enough for two people. The sauce had a bit of a citrus kick to it, but it was a good compliment to all slices of garlic that were loaded in there. Maybe it was all the kick ass margaritas but I said aloud, “ah nice they even have almond slices in here, ok.” As I kept eating I realized that it did not have the crunchy almond texture OR taste like almonds, IT WAS GARLIC! I mean I like garlic but I felt like Pepé Le Pew fuming out garlic to my fellow diners as I sat there… well at least I got my margaritas.


The best thing about Green Rancho are their tacos. I’ve had plenty of tacos around the city, but these were de-lish! We got carnitas and steak tacos. The meat in the tacos were bit size friendly, flavorful, and there was a bit of a crunch to it. Get them with flour tortilla. Sorry, you can’t really see the tacos in the picture. I guess I was super excited about the Pepé Le Pew shrimp dish.

As always the staff were friendly, the service was great and the good food came out in no time!

In honor of the late Joan Rivers, “Is Elizabeth Taylor fat? Her favorite food is seconds.”

Where did U go last night?

Green Rancho

741 9th Ave
New York, NY 10019
212 – 956 – 0731
in Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West, Theater District