AOA Bar & Grill

Monday Night Football! Whooo, not! Ha so I tagged along to “watch” football at AOA Bar & Grill in Tribeca. I am not a sports fanatic, but I have probably been to more sports bar in the NYC area than most sports fanatics. For some reason AOA is not the type of place I think of when I hear the words sports bar.

Here’s a picture… do you know what I mean?

AOA 16

Yes, it is a spacious restaurant with high ceilings and you definitely don’t feel crowded by anyone at all. There are a good amount of TVs in the restaurant but I think they are all a bit too far to see anything. Well good thing I wasn’t there to watch the game huh. Unless you sat by the bar where I was (hey being close to all of that liquor – I didn’t mind) it was a perfect seat to watch whatever your sports heart desires. I should’ve taken pictures with the two TV screens there but hey doesn’t the bar looks cool with all that liquor (and that design and lights).

AOA 11

Speaking of the bar, I thought it was pretty neat that the bar ran from the entrance of the restaurant to the end of the restaurant on the left side of the room (you can see it a bit in the first picture). As for crowd, it seemed like folks from around the neighborhood. I’d say expect a more mature and business crowd than most sports bar (not too many screaming patrons). In fact it was pretty quiet, expect from my corner of the bar.

I ate dinner before the game because I didn’t want to eat game snacks (believe it or not but I am a conscious eater – I swear). They boys ordered guacamole and wings. I had to sample each of course so I could blog about it! Kind of wished the boys ordered more food so I could have sample more dishes.

The guacamole was too citrus-y, mushy, and cumin-y. I am a guacamole lover, so yes I am a bit picky when it comes to guac. I love colors so the chips looked fun, however the taste was not. It tasted a bit stale to me.

AOA (2)

Ah right and for those of you who are into this whole cider beer madness, they have Angry Orchid.

I sampled the Korean BBQ chicken wings. MMM! They were good, crispy and BBQ-y anddd we didn’t have to tell them to make it extra crispy. Its finger lickin’ good (sorry KFC).


Goose and soda (seee conscious) and water – gotta keep hydrated.

AOA 14

Ahhh, so that’s what AOA stands for? Not that I was wondering – just thought it was weird A-O-A.

Where did U go last night?

AOA Bar & Grill

35 Ave of the Americas
New York, NY 10013

212 – 925 – 1600

In Tribeca


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