San Gennaro Festival

I am late, but I finally ventured to Little Italy to check out the San Gennaro Festival. It goes on for 11 days with raging food galore and tons and tons anddd tons of people (like NYC wasn’t packed enough).

There were lots going on with parades, musical entertainment, food, restaurants, cafes and a cannoli-eating competition. There was a Ferris wheel there too which I wanted a picture of it but figured I get it later. Later came and I couldn’t find the Ferris wheel. I swore there was one by Lafayette St and… ah!

San Gennaro

San Gennaro 2

Big, giant stuffed animal anyone?

San Gennaro 3

 Yummm, sausages! I really want to eat one of these someday.

San Gennaro 4

And these.

San Gennaro 7

San Gennaro 5

Maybe next year.

Where did U go last night?

San Gennaro Festival

Mulberry St in Little Italy


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