Yuna at Stage 48

This tiny chic has a killer voice! I have always been a fan of hers way back when I discovered her randomly while I playing on youtube years ago. Ever since then I have not come across one person who has heard of Yuna, its sad but true. I was glad to see how packed her show was and it was so great to see that there are other fans out there who admire her great artistry.

Yuna describes her music as “a cross between Mary Poppins and Coldplay”. She has this cool effortless indie/folk/neo-soul/R&B vibe which reminds me of Erykah Badu. Yuna hails from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – which makes her even cooler! She seemed like a down to earth, humble girl to hang with and her outfit was rockin’!

She performed most of her songs from her Nocturnal album.

Yuna 1

I was monopolizing a corner space by the stage and I felt like a total groupie snapping so many pictures and taking videos until my phone ran out of space. Like I told my boyfriend, “for my blog!”

Ah, I loved her causal hand moves.

Yuna 2

Ever seen The Gods Must Be Crazy II? If you haven’t you should, its hilarious. Ok, so do you see the guy in the right corner of the picture above? Yes, this guy next to me reminds me of Nᴉxau ǂToma from The Gods Must Be Crazy. Well he was the happiest fan ever with the cheesiest smile ever and was jumping up and down like a 12 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert. He also kept waving at Yuna like pick me, pick me, pick me. It was hilarious. So to describe her fans, well you have me and then you have N!xau.

Taylor McFerrin opened the show. Before last night I have never heard of him, not bad. At the start of the performance my boyfriend was like, “did he say he just put out an album or a sleeping app?” The show started out with wind sounds and birds chirping like one of those sleep sound machine, but the show picked up and the kid could beatbox!

Taylor McFerrin

Random pictures of Stage 48 – we had time to wander around and took pictures since we were early.

Disco Ball

The venue was a nice space with two levels and bars on each floor. It looks quiet and spacious but when Yuna started, the place was packed and jammin’!


Where did U go last night?

Stage 48

605 W 48th St
New York, NY10036
212 – 957 – 1800
in Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West

Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop

How can we not go back to Gotham West Market?! It was a mouth party the last time we ate at Gotham (party over here). So we agreed that the next time we go to Gotham we would try some ramen.

We were excited to try ramen from Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop. My boyfriend and I are huge fans of ramen, we love it and thought it would be a nice quick dinner before the Yuna concert!


On the bright side, these were cool. The Art of the Slurp was displayed across the ramen bar.

Art of Slurp 1

Ha, number five is my favorite. But, is anyone doing the art of slurp with salty ramen?

photo 5

Where did U go last night?

Gotham West Market

600 11th Ave

New York, NY10036

(212) 582-7940

in Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West


The Flaming Saddles

So this is where the boys hang! I pass this place frequently and on any day of the week, it always looks so fun inside. I guess I am a sucker for bright colors, bright lights and loud music. So of course I was like a humming bird to a red flower, I wanted to go there. If you are strolling along Ninth Avenue, you can not miss The Flaming Saddles with its bright, energetic, and friendly vibe. I took my bestie there because she is wacky and cool like me.

I had my regular Goose & Soda, but a man to the right of us ordered some drink that looked so creamy, like a White Russian and yum and the bottle looked cool. I’m all about the packaging. So, I asked the bartender and I immediately said yes to trying a shot of it. He suggested mixing it with Fireball Whiskey because it taste like “Cinnamon Toast Crunch”. I didn’t say no to that. We ended up getting a shot, one with Fireball and one without. The one without the Fireball was good, creamy and with some vodka I think it would taste like a White Russian. The “Cinnamon Toast Crunch” shot was delicious, Pumpkin Spice Latte who? I can’t even remember the last time I had the cereal, wooohooo can I have this shot for breakfast… everyday?!

Here’s a cool picture of the shots with the bright lights.

Flaming (10)

See how creamy and milky it looks. Thanks to Google, I found it. The creamy liqueur is called Rum Chata.

Flaming (3)

The Flaming Saddles is like a Coyote Ugly Saloon, but for the boys (although all crowds are welcome). They had a country/cowboy vibe going with the boots and country music. Florida Georgia Line concert at Terminal 5… pshttt. The bartenders would climb on the bar and do a dance every now and then individually and sometimes all three would go up and dance across the bar.

Flaming (9)

I guess the rainbow outside wasn’t enough so there were glimpses of rainbow everywhere you looked in the bar. Do you see the rainbow Stoli word on the bar mat? In the picture above behind the bartender was a displayed rainbow of flavors of Absolute Vodka.

Flaming (6)

The sign reads, (STRAIGHT WOMEN) NO WOOHOOing. Ha, of course some lady woohooed after the boys did their little dance. I said to the bartender, “I think I heard some lady woohooing.” He said, “It’s okay we strictly enforce it on the weekends.” I responded with a quizzical look, “Really?” “Yeah, we get these bachelorette parties on the weekends and they are really annoying.” Hahah, I ended that conversation with, “ugh yayhhh, that is annoying.”

Flaming (4)

Bathroom Head anyone?

Flaming (2)

Some rainbow again.

Flaming (1)

I wanted to take more pictures but I didn’t want to seem like the tourist who was new to town and have never been to a saloon (a boy saloon). Yeah I was sneaky and took all these nice pics for ya! Hence, the boots pictures… as I’m writing this I’m thinking, hmmm how creepy of me.

The boys were nice, friendly and playful. All three bartenders displayed their unique characteristics. Our bartender was an older, grayish haired, George Clooney, ring leader type. One was fit with a cute innocent girly flare to him. Third, of course he was the funny outgoing guy who was playful, flirty and hairy! The experience was kind of refreshing and strangely comfortable. My boyfriend though would’ve freak out – he freaks out just walking by the place and looks the other way. It’s hilarious like a kid whose afraid of monsters under his bed.

The place wasn’t crowded when we first got there, but it started to fill up. I guess it was early or maybe because it was a weekday, but it was still a happening place. It was spacious, but for some reason this guy kept going over me and almost knocked me over a few times just to get a drink. I am true New Yorker so no one ambushes me and walk away, so I punched him.

Ha J-K. Justtt kidding Friends! Whatever, I let Mr. Stripes slide because I know Mr. Stripes was all nervous and ga ga over Mr. Clooney. So he was afraid to talk to our bartender – I was going to muddle in to help the process along and tell Mr. Clooney that some dudeee… but nahhh. OH, what fun!?

Where did U go last night?

The Flaming Saddles

793 9th Ave
New York, NY10019
(212) 713-0481

In Hell’s Kitchen

Winner winner chicken dinner

Yeah Shanghai Deluxe

This is how we roll! Being the secret fat kid who loves food I only get to eat all these delicious dishes in one sitting during special occasions like weddings and in this case my cousins birthday. I sampled all these dishes of course and only had a bite of the pork then stayed away. Yeah, I feel the need to explain all this food here, hahah. I don’t encourage everyone to do this all the time, but do it at least once! Plus its so cheap, to start we ordered eight dishes, rice for nine people and more food along the way which totaled to about $24 a person.

The dinner at Yeah Shanghai Deluxe was served family style so everyone had a go at the spinning round table. I called it the Wheel of Fortune, I mean look at all this food (I will be working out like a mad man)! Side note: We had a Cantonese speaker at the table who ordered everything so if you would like to know the names of any of these delish looking dishes, I’ll find out for ya!

The lobster was good and the sauce was good, but overall it wasn’t extra special (but I ate the last piece anyway).

Yeah Shanghai 8

So I suggested that we take the party to Joe’s Shanghai before we entered Yeah Shanghai Deluxe, but hey it wasn’t my birthday and gotta try some place new right? So compared to Joe’s Shanghai these dumplings would lose, although I must say it was good, but do not be mistaken they were Not Joe’s Shanghai good.

Yeah Shanghai (1)

Ah pork. I secretly wanted more but I just sampled a small piece. It was good, the sauce didn’t over power the meat and it wasn’t soggy.

Yeah Shanghai (4)

Walnut Shrimp you are my enemy. Really what is in these things?! Whatever just for the bday, I ate two shrimp and it was oh so creamy, rich and the shrimp was nice and plumpy.

Yeah Shanghai (7)

These were not bad, but I did wish they were crispier. I don’t want to say it again, but these are better at Joe’s Shanghai.

Yeah Shanghai 9

You can’t go wrong with Bok Choy sauteed in oil and garlic.

Yeah Shanghai (3)

I usually stay away from duck, they are fatty and well delicious! So I gave it a shot. First off the meat was dry, second those were not pancakes, they were tortilla wraps and third the Peking Duck with Pancakes I ate in Beijing, China are still the shitzzz!

Yeah Shanghai (2)

No matter how many times I have seen it, the fish head creeps me out. But, I was still excited for a whole steamed fish. This was hard to eat with everyone poking at it and it only made the bones go everywhere. I had a few bites, I’d say it tasted better with some sauce on it, but as you can see the sauce of course is oily.

Yeah Shanghai (5)

What a feast! Having been to Shanghai, China this place did justice. I was satisfied and I think everyone else was too even the non Asian kids. This restaurant is definitely great for big groups, families and kids. Our waiter was nice and the dishes came out in no time.

Because it’s my family, we were not done stuffing our faces yet, Kung Fu Tea was the next stop.

Booo! It was not good and I felt like puking on the train ride back home. Ugh, the tapioca pearls had a weird sweetness to it and the drink was watery for my taste, I like it creamy. Also, it had a strong black tea taste to it and it did not tasted like taro. The pictures made all their drinks looks so Yum that I was even nervous for my Saint’s Alp’s place. Even their Oreo tea drink which we all thought would taste like a McFlurry (yeah I referenced McDonald’s), tasted like crushed up Ores with water, ugh. What was all the fuss about Kung Fu Tea guys?! I still think Saint’s Alp Tea House makes some banging bubble tea, period.

Kung Fu Tea (1)

Thanks for reminding me we’re all getting a year older and for all the greasy calories, happy birthday dude.

Where did U go last night?

Yeah Shanghai Deluxe

50 Mott St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 566-4884

 Kung Fu Tea

various locations


Gallow Green

 Party at the rail yard! No, not the High Line, but this gem of a garden rooftop in Chelsea. After Viv, we met some friends at The McKittrick Hotel’s rooftop, Gallow Green. The plan was go there for a drink or two, but we couldn’t leave – this place had so much to offer with a rooftop, bar, restaurant, show and music! We started with a drink. Speaking of an adult drink, this Dirty Martini was adult delicious and dirty. I actually didn’t mind that it was served in an ity bity tiny glass because the three huge juicy olives made up for it and did I mention it was a strong drink.

Gallow (15)

I wanted to hear loud music, right like NYC is not loud enough hahah but what Fun! I actually wanted to hear loud like top hits music but what a nice refresher to discover this band. Below the garden, the Heath, there was a band called Heathens playing a mixed of jazzy, rock & soul music. What a rocker that singer was, we were all impressed (I even asked for her card and went on the mailing list). I said she could hang with The Roots then my friend said she’s like Macy Gray and I responded immediately – no way, she’s way cooler. Inyang Bassey is her name, see – cool. This lady had us all in a trance with her voice, her funky moves (love) and unique effortless cool chic vibe.

Gallow (11) Gallow 18 Gallow (9)

Here’s a video with some clips I took, enjoy!

Check out her moves!

Where did U go last night?

Gallow Green

542 W 27th St
New York, NY 10001

(212) 564-1662

in Chelsea

Winner winner chicken dinner


I grew up eating Thai and having been to Thailand Viv is a winner for best Thai in NYC in my book. I have been there numerous times and each time Viv delivers. They are consistent, everything is just right, the spices, flavor, and if you ask for spicy be prepared for spicy!

Chicken & Shrimp Dumpling with Soy Vinaigrette Dipping Sauce

Viv (3)

We got it steamed, the dumplings were delicious and just right with a touch of the dipping sauce which was on the sweet side.

Viv (8)

Queen of Siam Basil with Squid

Viv (7)

I got it extra spicy of course and a side of brown rice. The portion was big enough for two servings, but if your me you’d kill it in one sitting (hehe).

Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken & Cashew Nuts

Viv 12

This was delicious, not too oily and greasy. A nice surprise crunch with the cashew nuts and it was seasoned just right. I never put lemon on rice but a squeeze of lemon did add a nice finish taste to it along with the pineapples chunks in there. To my surprise it was served in a cool pineapple.

The restaurant had a trendy vibe with top hits music, blue lights and a dragon hanging from the ceiling. It sounds fancy, but really Viv is not a fancy place, I would say they are stylish. The crowd is always pretty mixed each time I visit and not crazy crowded. The prices are average for the midtown area and the service, well they are very attentive. They like to visit the tables often and ask if you need anything in a very sweet and polite Thai manner.

Viv (4)

You know it, I had a Lychee Martini! The martini was strong, it was like four drinks in one. Hey, no complaints here and in fact I like that the drink felt grown up. By grown up I mean it was like a Classic Martini with a lychee as garnish and mostly because it wasn’t sugary or sweet like most martinis.

Where did U go last night?


717 9th Ave
New York, NY 10019

212 – 581 – 5999

in Hell’s Kitchen

Winner winner chicken dinner

It’s a Market night

First stop – Gotham West Market. If you haven’t been and your around the area and you love food, you must go check it out! I don’t want to call it a food court because when I think of food court I think of fast food places in the mall. Right? I want to say its a big open place with different venues and food to choose from with well known chefs involved! I mean with the team behind Saxon + Parole (mmm we have to chat about this another time too), I would not call it a food court. This place is great for lunch, snack, or dinner.

Signs pointing to the different venues.

Gotham 7

I decided to get a chicken salad and mmm it was so yummy. I mean one of the best ever. It had romaine, kale, spinach, radishes, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, crispy shallots and avocado. I think the crispy shallots did it, way to go guys!

This Is Your House Salad from Genuine Roadside

Gotham  (1)

I know you peepep the tacos up there. They were not for me, but I did have a few bites anddd readyyy… KA – BOOOM, it was a fiesta in my mouth. It was O-M-G good. Oh I want one now. The tacos were filled with raw marinated ahi, spicy mayo, border slaw, avocado and sesame in crispy corn shells. They were the shitsnit (one of my made-up-excited-vocab words)!

Hawaiian Style Ahi Tartare Tacos from Genuine Roadside

Gotham  (4)

I sampled the corn on the cob also, it was good but not a ka – boom.

Corn On The Cob ‘Elote‘ from Choza Taqueria

However, the sandwich you see down there… ahhh WoW it was sooo freaking good. Again, it was not for me, hehe but I sampled it. Talk about an Italian combo, these dudes got it right. The sandwich was filled with mortadella, salami, hot coppa, swiss, mozzarella, pecoring romano, arugula, red onion, mayo, ‘CSG’ hoagie spread, and red wine vinaigrette on caputo’s hero roll. Phew, hope I got it all. It is some serious Italian.

Italian Combo Sandwich from Court Street Grocers Sandwich Shop

Gotham  (2)

Gotham  (3)

Hats off to the chefs! Now that I want to eat my laptop, I thought these were some cool props.

Gotham 6

Great quote.

Gotham 8

Next stop… Spice Market. Its a great place for some drinks and dinner. I love the food at Spice Market (I know I keep saying this but we have to chat about this place too – ahhh so many places), but we just ate at Gotham so we got their Passion Fruit Sangria. The sangria is made with rose wine, gran gala, blackberry, and orange. Mmm, it was refreshing and delish. I know I have said that I am not a fan of passion fruit anything in a previous post, but hmm… I have been a long time fan of their passion fruit sangria… I might have to reconsider… thanks Mr.Vongerichten.

Spice Market 4

Where did U go last night?

Gotham West Market

in Hell’s Kitchen

Spice Market

in Meatpacking District


AOA Bar & Grill

Monday Night Football! Whooo, not! Ha so I tagged along to “watch” football at AOA Bar & Grill in Tribeca. I am not a sports fanatic, but I have probably been to more sports bar in the NYC area than most sports fanatics. For some reason AOA is not the type of place I think of when I hear the words sports bar.

Here’s a picture… do you know what I mean?

AOA 16

Yes, it is a spacious restaurant with high ceilings and you definitely don’t feel crowded by anyone at all. There are a good amount of TVs in the restaurant but I think they are all a bit too far to see anything. Well good thing I wasn’t there to watch the game huh. Unless you sat by the bar where I was (hey being close to all of that liquor – I didn’t mind) it was a perfect seat to watch whatever your sports heart desires. I should’ve taken pictures with the two TV screens there but hey doesn’t the bar looks cool with all that liquor (and that design and lights).

AOA 11

Speaking of the bar, I thought it was pretty neat that the bar ran from the entrance of the restaurant to the end of the restaurant on the left side of the room (you can see it a bit in the first picture). As for crowd, it seemed like folks from around the neighborhood. I’d say expect a more mature and business crowd than most sports bar (not too many screaming patrons). In fact it was pretty quiet, expect from my corner of the bar.

I ate dinner before the game because I didn’t want to eat game snacks (believe it or not but I am a conscious eater – I swear). They boys ordered guacamole and wings. I had to sample each of course so I could blog about it! Kind of wished the boys ordered more food so I could have sample more dishes.

The guacamole was too citrus-y, mushy, and cumin-y. I am a guacamole lover, so yes I am a bit picky when it comes to guac. I love colors so the chips looked fun, however the taste was not. It tasted a bit stale to me.

AOA (2)

Ah right and for those of you who are into this whole cider beer madness, they have Angry Orchid.

I sampled the Korean BBQ chicken wings. MMM! They were good, crispy and BBQ-y anddd we didn’t have to tell them to make it extra crispy. Its finger lickin’ good (sorry KFC).


Goose and soda (seee conscious) and water – gotta keep hydrated.

AOA 14

Ahhh, so that’s what AOA stands for? Not that I was wondering – just thought it was weird A-O-A.

Where did U go last night?

AOA Bar & Grill

35 Ave of the Americas
New York, NY 10013

212 – 925 – 1600

In Tribeca


Shanghai Heping

We stumbled upon Shanghai Heping while walking aimlessly in Chinatown after visiting Central Perk, wooo FRIENDS! Well actually the boyfriend and I both drank a lot of water and needed a baño ASAP so we were looking for a Starbucks. Of course it was no where to be found. It was time to chow down anyway so we just went in the first place we thought we would both like. Never again!

First the “hot and sour soup” was neither hot or sour it was just a bowl of oil and blah.


Don’t you just want to jump in the screen and eat this!? Well, don’t!

I didn’t order this dish, but I tried it and it wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t anything special either. My boyfriend liked it, eh he’s not Asian what does he know (I love you).



I looked at the menu and wasn’t in the mood for anything at all but the beef stew with rice noodles was like pick me, so I did. Ugh, it was out of character as I never go out and order beef stew with rice noodles or beef anything (ok occasionally). I was so disappointed! I mean it looked good and the first bite of the beef was full of flavor, but the broth was boring. It was a drab finishing the meal. I grew up eating these where the broth is rich and bursting with flavors…mmm now I want a bowl of good ol’ homemade beef stew.


I was in the mood for a taro bubble tea. Ugh, another disappointment. I was drinking sugar and tapioca pearls. I took a few sips and no more bubble tea for me.


The place was spacious for a Chinatown restaurant and the service – I swear all the waitstaff were sleep walking.

Sorry Shanghai Heping overall grade, fail. I looked up the restaurant to link it to my blog and to my surprise there are some great reviews out there about Shanghai Heping. As I’m writing this I’m thinking maybe the other dishes are good or maybe the chef had a bad day. Sorry first impressions are everything right? You’re better off with your shit local Chinese food places.

Where did U go last night?

Shanghai Heping

104 Mott St

New York, New York 10013

212 – 925 – 1118

Between Canal & Hester St in Chinatown/Little Italy


San Gennaro Festival

I am late, but I finally ventured to Little Italy to check out the San Gennaro Festival. It goes on for 11 days with raging food galore and tons and tons anddd tons of people (like NYC wasn’t packed enough).

There were lots going on with parades, musical entertainment, food, restaurants, cafes and a cannoli-eating competition. There was a Ferris wheel there too which I wanted a picture of it but figured I get it later. Later came and I couldn’t find the Ferris wheel. I swore there was one by Lafayette St and… ah!

San Gennaro

San Gennaro 2

Big, giant stuffed animal anyone?

San Gennaro 3

 Yummm, sausages! I really want to eat one of these someday.

San Gennaro 4

And these.

San Gennaro 7

San Gennaro 5

Maybe next year.

Where did U go last night?

San Gennaro Festival

Mulberry St in Little Italy